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Evan Mudryk is resigned yet mildly disapproving.


Grimes & Marnie the dog @ FYF


Grimes & Marnie the dog @ FYF


“22 Jump Street tells the exact same story as 21 Jump Street, and it’s willing to be first (and second, and third) to admit it. Lord, Miller, and their screenwriters (Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel, and Rodney Rothman) swan-dive into the rabbit hole of self-reference, calling back to the first film, calling back to the series, sending up sequels’ repetition and excess, and playing with the economics of moviemaking. (Schmidt and Jenko try, with mixed success, to lead a car chase through less-expensive sets, to save their department money.) Still, the film’s awareness that it’s repeating itself doesn’t necessarily make that repetition fresh—or make the self-awareness fresh, for that matter. There’s no place to go beyond meta.”

22 Jump Street’s foundation of extreme self-awareness insulates it from criticism, but the seemingly unnecessary sequel proves that it really is more than a warmed-over rehash. Read the full review.



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REVIEW. So good. I just watched all the episodes over the last two days and confirmed for myself that no one plays grinning misery like Andy Daly. The first season is currently on Comedy Central’s YouTube page.

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Basia Bulat - It Can’t Be You

The beginning of April has been pretty concert heavy which is perfect for when I have to post on Saturdays.  On Thursday, I went to see The Head and the Heart.  Their opener was Basia Bulat, a Canadian folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.  Now my friends have all told me about her beforehand and someone even sent me the albums so that I could give them a listen.  I liked it but I didn’t realize how amazing she was until I saw her live.

A relatively short blond woman got onto the stage and was accompanied by a bassist and a drummer.  No big deal.  She tuned a charango, which is a ukulele-sized 10 string instrument before beginning her first song.  And that was that.  I was in complete awe.  An amazing voice was accompanied by her amazing talent on the charango, guitar, keyboard, and even an autoharp .  Hell, I was so impressed by the autoharp, I almost posted Gold Rush simply because it featured it so much.  Instead, I picked It Can’t Be You based on her amazing work on the little instrument.  I actually read an article in where she actually learned how to play the instrument JUST for her newest album.  At one point, she stood away from the mics and performed acoustically for all of us in the packed concert hall.  Simply fantastic.

Bulat’s newest album, Tall Tall Shadowwas released in 2013 and she just finished up her Canadian tour.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


I used to listen to Basia Bulat quite a bit, but she fell out of my musical rotation. Her performance on Thursday had me searching for all her stuff. So. Good.

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